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Winnovart Explainer. EEA&Norway grants Business Development and Innovation Croatia.
Series 7 - Structure of application file.
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Funding is available for Croatian companies to finance innovation projects under the "Business Development and Innovation Croatia" programme financed by the EEA&Norway grants and managed by Innovation Norway.


Our programme explainer – newsletters to make this funding scheme easier for you to digest.
This is series 7 on the structure of application file.


Only electronic applications submitted via Innovation Norway’s Application Portal, in English, will be accepted.


The Application Form must be accompanied by the mandatory supporting attachments:

  1. Expected outcomes of the implementation of the project*
  2. Project Implementation Plan*
  3. Detailed Activity Based Budget and financial projections for the project*
  4. Disbursement Plan*
  5. Procurement Plan*
  6. Letter of Commitment*
  7. Business Plan*
  8. Draft Partnership Agreement (if relevant)*
  9. CV’s for project team*
  10. Communication Plan*
  11. Self-declaration re. undertaking in difficult*
  12. Self-declaration regrading clean tax and criminal record of the Applicant (and Partner(s) – if relevant)
    and of the legal representative(s)*
  13. Relevant Registration Certificates and statutory documents
    a) Applicants - enterprises:
    - Excerpt from the court register (‘’izvadak iz sudskog registra’’) issued by the Croatian Court
    Register (which should include extensive information about enterprise’s up to date status)
    b) Partners:
    - registration certificate (or similar), issued by the competent authority in Norway/Croatia
    - latest approved statute (or similar), which proves that Partner’s main activity is closely related
    to the activities in which its contribution is proposed
  14. Certified annual financial accounts of the Applicant for 2020, 2019 and 2018 (Croatian) - which bears
    Applicant’s signature (electronic or handwritten) and fiscal authority registration number (index)
  15. Applicant’s annual report for year 2020.

*For documents 1-12, Innovation Norway makes available the templates. 


The electronic applications and templates for the mandatory attachments are available on Innovation Norway’s website.


Deadline for applications: 27 January 2022.

Get in touch with us if you need support with this.  


Find here the full information about this call.

Reach out to fund operator.

Reach out to us for an independent review of your funding readiness and eligibility for this funding programme: 


Source: the information above is based on the official guidelines published by the Fund Operator.

How can Winnovart help you

– if you would like to discuss a new project idea with us, don’t hesitate to fill in our funding readiness questionnaire and we will come back with our independent feedback.  

– Winnovart’s independent service options are designed to help you accelerate your access to this funding and navigate with confidence through the entire process of applying for, obtaining the grant and implementing your project successfully.

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